Osteopathic Physicians

Osteopathic Physicians Practicing Holistic Medicine in Freehold, NJ

Osteopathic Physicians Freehold NJThe osteopathic physicians at Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey in Freehold, NJ, believe there is far more to good health than an absence of pain, illness, and injury. Of course, our practice relies on traditional diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques. However, rather than simply treating symptoms, our approach involves looking at the whole person. As osteopathic physicians, we listen carefully to our patients, get to know and understand them, and help them promote their natural tendencies toward comprehensive wellness.

In keeping with our unique approach to patient care, the osteopathic physicians at Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey in Freehold, are specifically trained to:

  • Educate our patients on healthy lifestyle practices and injury prevention methods
  • Promote the natural healing of illnesses and injuries
  • Perform osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), a hands-on technique that can be used to prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses and injuries

Typically, an office visit with an osteopathic physician includes four parts: an interview, examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The interview will touch upon the patient’s health history, as well as his or her work, social, and family life. The patient will also have opportunities to ask questions and raise any concerns he or she may have.

When performing a physical examination, osteopathic physicians can assess a patient’s balance and posture, then manually check his or her joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments (diagnostic tests may also be ordered, if necessary). Based on the results of an interview and exam, we can provide a diagnosis, discuss the cause of the patient’s symptoms, and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, contact Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey in Freehold, NJ. Our osteopathic physicians don’t just see patients – we see people.

Good health requires balance. Physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, pain management, and stress relief all contribute to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. At the Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey, we help patients struggling with weight loss, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other conditions using holistic techniques. Request an appointment and get started on a path towards comprehensive wellness.