Four Ways To Treat Your Body With Love This Valentine’s Day

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Four Ways To Treat Your Body With Love This Valentine’s Day

It’s a common myth that in order to treat yourself, it has to be with something that isn’t healthy.  By reversing this old wives’ tale, you can take control of your own physical and emotional health this Valentine’s Day. Here are our favorite ways to show yourself some love without compromising your health.


  • Don’t Skip The Candy Aisle Entirely. By 18207180_lmaking a few small changes in the sweet indulgences you long for, you can not only reduce the negative health consequences, but also actually give your immune system and metabolism a boost! Trade the milk chocolate in for dark chocolate or drop the candy hearts and replace them with chocolate covered strawberries. Check out this list of other quick and easy, sweet yet safe choices from
  • Look Your Best In New Workout Gear. We all know the benefits of regular physical activity to our bodies, but there can also be a mental aspect. When you have great looking workout clothes that you love to put on, not only will you enjoy the workout more, you’ll feel better about yourself, even before you start to sweat. Maybe this is the right time to sign up for a subscription box like Fabletics, for fashionable activewear?
  • Start From The Bottom Up. Look down. All the way down. How long have you had those sneakers? Most of us hang on to our active footwear way too long. Check out these tips to see if it’s time to upgrade your kicks!
  • Take It Outside. It’s easy to get into a rut in the winter when you’re stuck indoors for weeks on end and the sun seems to be a myth. But getting outdoors, yes, especially in the winter, can have some surprising health benefits. From getting that crucial Vitamin D to building tolerance for colder temperatures, working out in the cold can be a terrific gift to give yourself!


It’s not hard to see that you can treat yourself with a little more love this Valentine’s Day, without feeling guilty afterward! Ready to make some other healthy changes in 2016? Request an appointment now.

Good health requires balance. Physical fitness, nutrition, sleep, pain management, and stress relief all contribute to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. At the Advanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey, we help patients struggling with weight loss, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other conditions using holistic techniques. Request an appointment and get started on a path towards comprehensive wellness.