Cupping Therapy Monroe Township

Cupping Therapy for Pain Relief Available Near Monroe Township, NJ

Cupping Therapy Monroe Township NJAdvanced Health and Wellness Center of New Jersey offers cupping therapy in the Monroe Township, NJ, area. The aim of this innovative pain-relief technique is to enhance the body’s natural repair processes by promoting the flow of blood to injured or fatigued tissues. In addition, cupping can potentially provide immediate pain relief.

In essence, cupping therapy is an “inverse massage.” It works by suctioning the skin upward, away from damaged tissue, in order to help loosen areas of restriction and adhesion. The suction is created by placing a specialized, warm glass or silicone cup directly on the skin, and then creating a vacuum effect.

How does cupping therapy relieve pain?

While the precise mechanisms at work are not yet fully understood, some scientists believe that cupping therapy may affect superficial nerves in the skin, thereby interfering with the transmission of the pain signals to the brain (and thus reducing the perception of pain). It may be helpful to think of a time when you accidentally bumped your elbow and instinctively began to rub it in order to reduce the pain. As currently understood, the effect of cupping therapy is similar.

The effectiveness of cupping therapy can vary widely among individuals based on a number of factors, including the precise cause of the pain being treated. When used as part of a comprehensive plan that incorporates other treatments, such as physical therapy, dry needling, or therapeutic massage, cupping can be an effective, nonsurgical option for certain patients who are dealing with chronic pain.

Is cupping painful?

When performed by a trained medical professional, cupping therapy is generally safe. The most common side effect is bruising, which can occur as blood is drawn toward the surface of the skin while a cup is in place. Typically, any resulting bruising will resolve within a few days. During the administration of cupping therapy, some people also experience mild discomfort (similar to that which is sometimes experienced during a deep-tissue massage).

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